october, 2020

08octAll Day2020 The Nutritionist Trevor DeVries(All Day: thursday) EDT


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Dr Trevor DeVries will be the October 8 speaker for The Nutritionist. His topic will be animal behavior on robotic farms. At the University of Guelph, Trevor is studying how nutrition and nutritional management influence dairy cow feeding behavior, health and production. Learning how these elements interact can lead to better nutritional programs, housing and management strategies that enhance animal health and welfare. Dietary composition and feed ingredients, including forages, vary considerably on dairy farms across the country, so each one needs a nutritional program tailored to its herd and production goals. Trevor is particularly interested in how dairy cows transition both at calving and at the end of their lactation, and how dietary management around those times influences cow eating behavior and resultant health and production.

Join us for the presentation followed by live question and answer sessions twice on October 9. The presentation will start at 9:00 am EDT and 6:00 pm EDT.

Registration required; contact Mariann to sign up.


All Day (Thursday)


AMTS, Ifina, 3rLab, NovaLab, AnSciTech, Haymingway, Dairy Innovations Italia

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