Adding Ingredients to the AMTS Commercial Feed Library

Following is detailed information regarding the steps required to get a feed entered into the AMTS Commercial Feed library. The process outlined below can be followed by manufactors of specialty feed ingredients and will make those products avialable to all AMTS.Farm program users.   

Feed Entry Process

Feed nutrients analyses are critically important to the value of the predictions in the CNCPS-based AMTS.Farm model. Historically all feeds in the Feed Libraries were vetted through the Cornell University group responsible for model integrity. The simultaneous growth of specialized feed ingredients and decrease in available resources at all universities have resulted in challenges to have feeds enter the library in a reasonably timely fashion. In effort to maintain the veracity of the data in the  library whilst accommodating the development of new feeds, we have developed the AMTS Commercial Feeds library.   

Characteristics of AMTS Commercial Feeds:

  • Feed and Specialty Product Manufactures provide their feed information for inclusion using a Feed Library Input sheet provided by AMTS
  • Feeds in the library are locked for editing–users cannot change the nutrient analysis
  • Commercial Feeds that have not been vetted by Cornell will have a notation indicating who supplied the information (thereby providing users with knowledge of the data source).
  • Cornell vetted feeds that have new analysis will have a notation of data source.
  • Cornell vetted feeds that have long been in the library will have no data source notation
  • Feeds in the AMTS Commercial Feedbank are available to all users.

The advantage of this systems is that it allows manufacturers to get their products into all users feedbanks without waiting for Cornell approval. By labeling those feeds as company provided information, users will have the ability to assess the value of the information based on the reputation of the providing manufacturer. 

Feed Library Addition Policy

Effective January 2021, AMTS will release two AMTS Commercial Feedbank updates each year:  March 1 and November 1.  All new feed submissions and existing feed updates must be submitted no later than February 1 and October 1 for the March and  November updates, respectively. There will be no exceptions.

Suppliers wishing to get feeds in the AMTS Commercial Feed Library must own a current base copy of AMTS.Farm (.Cattle or .Small Ruminants) and pay $100 fee for each feed added to the library. There is no additional fee for updates to a feed already existing in the library.


Suppliers will fill out the online entry below and attach supporting information for any and all entries.


If you have any questions, please contact support.

Feed Submission Form

Sign in below to access your Specialty Feed Supplier dashboard. Feeds submitted through this tool are subject to review and approval by AMTS. For more information contact support.



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