We have built our company on exemplary support. We strive to ensure you have the information, tools, and personal contact you need to allow you to do your job, no matter when and where that may be. Our support includes: video tutorials, informational postings, webinars, and availability of our entire staff to answer your questions. For more information about our On-the-Mark support, please go here.

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems

The most trusted feed formulation software on the market

Make the Most of Your Time with Our Family of Products

The latest Science

Our ration formulation model (CNCPS) is based on the latest science to sharpen your competitive edge.

Intuitive Software

Maximize your time with our easy-to-use, intuitive software.

Superior Support

We offer technical consulting, support and solutions that fit your needs.
Accurate Efficient

We Are Dedicated to Our Users & Products

Our business has roots in the Cornell University Ruminant Nutrition Modeling group. Since 2005, we’ve been providing technical consulting, support and solutions for clients ranging from independent consultants to multi-national feed companies. Simply put, we thrive on making AMTS products the most trusted feed formulation software on the market. With a range of products that work seamlessly together, our software is an invaluable aid for mill operators, nutritionists and feed industry professionals.


Our ration formula is based on the latest science available. A global license to the CNCPS ensures it stays up to date, providing accuracy that gives you an edge over your competition.
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Our products are designed and developed by nutritionists from the ground up for progressive professional nutritionists, mill operators and feed industry professionals.

Don’t just take our word for it…

AMTS is very user friendly and allows me to balance more accurate rations in less time. Since switching to AMTS, I have become much more confident in the accuracy of my ration predictions allowing me to lower crude protein without fear of limiting production. In addition, AMTS has great support staff who are very quick to help me sort through a problem.
Daryl Maulfair

Director of Dairy Nutrition, Riverview, LLP, Morris, MN

I have been using AMTS for at least 4 years. In my opinion they have hit the trifecta. A rumen model that is regularly updated and incorporates ongoing research, software that is inuative to operate, and customer service staff that are readily available to address any issues that arise.
Kelly Bean

Dairy Solutions, Rosebush MI

AMTS. Cattle.Pro makes my business divisions more profitable. Aside from the formulation of improved diets and trouble-shooting performance problems, I am better prepared to answer client questions. The use of Cattle.Pro has allowed us to increase the profitability of the dairy industry in Mexico through improved diet formulations and increased animal performance.
Martin J. Traxler

Ph.D., Director, Agro Lab Mexico, SA de CV, Laguna, Mexico

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