AMTS.FBM v4 includes NASEM minerals and has added modules. Read more here.                Special FBM tutorial videos.

pie-chartAMTS.Feedbank Manager 4.0 (FBM) products

FBM streamlines the process of importing data from the feed mill; updating feeds, formulas, and pricing; and creating and sharing Feed banks with other AMTS.Farm users.

FBM eliminates redundant data entry and the increased potential for data entry errors by electronically sharing data between Mill Programs (BestMix™, Brill Formulation®, Hybrimin®, Format™, and Allix³), analytical lab analyses, and AMTS.Farm.

Additionally, .FBM can be used to control security settings for AMTS.Farm feed banks and individual feeds, track which users change or create a feed, and the date the feed values are changed. .FBM can also import, create, and export feed mixes or blends.

Benefits to Mill

Provides a central location for price and nutrient composition data for all feeds and ingredients in the mill(s).
Allows fast and easy updating of price and nutrient composition information from mill software, or feed lab analysis files.

Provides the Mill with a log of users and edits; allows Mill to define read-only and password protection of feedbanks as well as individual feeds and mixes.


Base Program links to compendium-supported tag software. Optional FBM Tags add-on module prints non-compendium tags.


Base Program with the addition of Custom Nutrients and Mix Optimizer allows user-defined nutrients and least-cost mix optimization.

Benefits to Nutritionist


Newest feed price and composition data can easily be received via email or file sharing site and dropped into AMTS.Farm.


The AMTS.Farm Reconcile function will automatically update farm file data.


Export new formulas from AMTS.Farm to FBM and to Mill for final pricing and production.


Creates and updates AMTS Feedbanks, providing the nutritionists with up-to-date prices and nutrient compositions.

Security Functions in AMTS.FBM and AMTS.Farm

Function AMTS.FBM AMTS.Farm
Password protect feeds Green-Checkmark-small Green-Checkmark-small
Limit user access to specific screens and data Green-Checkmark-small Green-Checkmark-small
Create read-only feedbanks Green-Checkmark-small  
Create company-specific feedbanks Green-Checkmark-small  
Set feedbank expiration date Green-Checkmark-small  
Padlock individual feeds and mixes (will allow end user price edits; will not allow end user nutrients edits) Green-Checkmark-small  
Password protect individual feeds and mixes (will only display limited nutrient data; will not allow editing of nutrient data) Green-Checkmark-small  
Create log of date, user and data entered or edited Green-Checkmark-small  
Ability to display encrypted company logo on reports   Green-Checkmark-small

AMTS.Feedbank Manager tutorial videos

Click for Tutorials

Introduction to Feedbank Manager part 1
AMTS.Feedbank Manager part 1 from AMTS on Vimeo.

Reconciling Feedbanks with AMTS.Feedbank Manager part 2
AMTS.Feedbank Manager part 2 from AMTS on Vimeo.

Using AMTS.Feedbank Manager to communicate with Mill software and tags programs part 3
AMTS.Feedbank Manager part 3 from AMTS on Vimeo.

Product Pricing and Module Additions

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