The Nutritionist 2020

Each hour session is held on the second Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST, during February and November and 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EDT, March through October. A link to the complete recording of each seminar will later be posted here. Pre-registration is required. For more information and registration, contact

The webinars are transmitted globally in multiple languages. Mariann Fessenden from AMTS is the host and producer. A Spanish language webinar is hosted by Paula Turiello of Ifina in Argentina, Marcelo Hentz Ramos of 3RLab in Brazil hosts in Portuguese, Marcos Neves Pereira of Universidade Federal de Lavras  submits questions from the Brazilian audience, Mandarin translations and hosting in China is with Shawn Li of AnSciTech, Vadim Bakhchevnikov of Novalab hosts for the Russian audience, and Elena Bonfante of Dairy Innovations Italia joins from Italy.

Sponsors for The Nutritionist 2019 educational webinars

This educational series would not be possible without the support our generous sponsors. We hope you will look to them when you have nutritional needs.

Our Gold Sponsors are:Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition and The Canola Council of Canada

Silver Sponsors are: Ajinomoto HeartlandVirtus, and DairyLand Laboratories, Inc, 

Bronze Sponsors are:   Dairy One Forage Laboratories,Perdue AgriBusinessAdisseoAminoMax, PMI, and SoyChlor.

Upcoming Webinars

Jonas De Souza February 13, 2020

Fatty Acid Nutrition During the Transition Period
Dr Jonas De Souza will talk about the benefits and effects of fatty acid supplementation in the transition period. Dr De Souza is the Technical Services Manager for Perdue Agribusiness. he completed his PhD work at Michigan State with Dr Adam Lock.

Jesse Goff March 12, 2020

Hypocalcemia and Strategies to Reduce it-Update
Dr Jesse Goff from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University will talk about hypocalcemia in dairy cows. He will present strategies to combat and reduce the effects through management and diet.

Frank Mitloehner April 9, 2020

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Dr Frank Mitloehner from UC Davis will talk about the role the dairy industry plays in greenhouse gas emissions–what are the tryths, what can be done to reduce the industry’s impact.

Bill Stone May 14, 2020

Topics in Practical Nutrition
Dr Bill Stone, PhD, DVM, serves as the Director of Ruminant Technical Services for Diamond V. In both his role with Diamond V and he experience as a nutritionist working with leading farms in the industry, Bill has developed many practical strategies for maximizing productivity, health, and financial returns for his clients.

Jude Capper June 11, 2020

Dr Jude Capper, an independent livestock consultant based in the United Kingdom, will talk about sustainability. As the second featured speaker on hot-topic climate issues, Dr Capper will discuss strategies for industry to focus of  sustainability while feeding a hungry world.

Peter Yoder July 9, 2020

Amino Acids beyond Methionine and Lysine
Peter Yoder, PhD, and Technical Services Manager for Perdue Agribusiness, he  recently completed his PhD at Virginia Tech working in the Hanigan Lab where he focused on amino acids in ruminant nutrition.

Jennifer Van Os August 13, 2020

Temperature Regulation in Cows and Calves
Dr Jennifer Van Os is an assistant professor and extension specialist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where her research focuses on understanding, evaluating, and improving the welfare of dairy animals from a biological perspective.

TBD September 10, 2020

Our speaker and topic is to be decided–but you know it will be someone really smart talking about a very interesing topic!

Trevor DeVries

Working in Robotic milking farms
Dr Trevor Devries, University of Guelph, will present on animal behavior and strategies for working on farms with robotic milkers. He research focuses on how nutrition and nutritional management influence dairy cow feeding behavior, health and production.

Marty Traxler November 5, 2020

Heat Stress
Dr Marty Traxler, Director of AgroLab Mexico and AMTS Distributor for Mexico and Central America, will talk about heat stress and nutritional strategies for maintaining health and production during times of heat stress.

The series is a unique, multi-language presentation held in English, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Noted ruminant nutritionists present in English hosted by Mariann Fessenden of AMTS in the United States; Marcelo Hentz Ramos hosts a simultaneously translated webinar in Portuguese, Shawn Li and Tom Long host in Mandarin, Vadim Bakhchevnikov hosts in Russia, Elena Bonfante in Italy, and Paula Turiello hosts a Spanish language webinar.

The purpose of these webinars is to provide access to technical seminars on a range of topics delivered by internationally recognized speakers to a global audience.

Key Points About the Nutritionist


The presentations are delivered in English on Zoom webinar platform and approximately 60 minutes in length.


The Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Russian language webinars are simultaneously translated and transmitted on other platforms.


Questions are fielded from English language listeners as well as form listeners in Argentina, Brazil, Russia, China, and Italy. The flow of the talk is not interrupted for translation.


The audience is global. To better accommodate listeners in all time zones, the recorded webinar is played with live question opportunities offered in both morning and night sessions on the webinar day.


Archived recordings of past webinars are available for on our website. Recordings are also available as podcasts.


All webinars and recordings have received CEU credit approval from ARPAS

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