Re-installing existing license on a new computer

Installation Step-by-Step

AMTS.Farm and all of the AMTS suite of programs can be downloaded, purchased, account managed, and licenses activated from the AMTS website Existing license holders can move the program from an old computer to a new one at any time, unassisted using the AMTS Management Console in the AMTS.Farm Program.

Back-up files on Old Computer:

Move the files to a memory stick, into the cloud, wherever you want to temporarily store the files until you have the program installed on the new computer.

Deactivate the license on the old computer

This can be done in two ways. The first illustration assumes a functioning old computer.  in the second example  shows that it can also be accomplished if your computer is dead or, if you happen to be the administrator of the program for a company with multiple licenses, by logging into your account on the AMTS website and deactivating the license through the Account Dashboard.

Or, Deactivate from Account Dashboard (this can be done on the new computer or the old computer)

When you log in to your Dashboard you will see this page. Here, you can see your subscriptions, buy new subscriptions, renew, see past purchases and invoices, and manage payment methods. You also have access to user only resources, can manage your account, and update your password. In order to transfer the license without assistance from support, you will need to come to this page to get you license key–you may as well deactivate the while here! You will click on the Subscriptions section.

In the Subscription section choose the subscription you want to move.


Once you have selected the proper subscription, you will need to do two things: Copy the Licence Key and click the Deactivate This License button.

On the New Computer, log into your AMTS account Dashboard

Download the program from the accounts download button.

After downloading, you will use the License Key information you saved to activate the license on your new computer.

Occasionally, firewall software will not allow AMTS license information to be transmitted to complete the registration process.  If you get the error message “Unable to complete registration”, You may need to “whitelist” these sites:



The last thing you will need to do is to transfer the backed-up farm files from you external device (or the cloud) to the Documents folder on you new computer. Put the Files in the AMTS folder under the nested AMTS.Cattle.Pro folder.

This process can be viewed on this blog posting and through our videos page. As always– if you have questions or challenges contact any of us at support.

Program Requirements

AMTS LLC software is a Windows based program. It will run on a Mac through third party virtual machine software. Note: January 2021 As of this date, the new M1 Chip does not work with the ususal virtual pc software, Microsoft is working on this , but right now our program would not run on machines with this chip. There are free virtual machine programs available, but we have found our program works best with Parallels or VMware Fusion programs. You will need a license for the paid virtual machine program and Windows. Both Parallels and VMware Fusion offer free trials so you can try them out and trial our program at the same time. Specifications common to all AMTS LLC software:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
  • 32 or 64 bit processor (i7 recommended)
  • Intel Core I3 or equivalent
  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4.8 (Available at no charge from with Microsoft Windows Update or one of their download sites).
  • Hard drive with at least 200 mb free for program installation and long term file storage
  • 8 Gb of RAM (RAM varies by Operating System, in general, whatever Microsoft recommends as a minimum for RAM should be doubled to ensure acceptable operating speed. This recommendation is for all software, not just AMTS products.)
  • Fast internet connection to receive software updates and access AMTS client forums.
  • Any printer supported by Windows is supported by AMTS products
  • Access to email is highly recommended for communication with AMTS as well as downloading feed analysis files from participating laboratories.


Installation of AMTS products requires full administrative privileges. The .Farm program is set to “Run this program as an administrator”.  You can set this option on the “Compatibility” tab of “Properties”, which is accessed by right clicking on the program shortcut or the program file itself, “AMTS.Cattle.Professional.exe” which is in the folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMTS\AMTS.Cattle.Professional” (by default).  Note that this can only be done by the Administrator, either by entering the administrator password when requested, or by already being logged in as the Administrator.

Alternatively, the security settings for the folder, again "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMTS\AMTS.Cattle.Professional”, must be set to “Full Control”.  To do this, right-click on the folder, select “Properties”, then go to the “Security” tab.  Here, click the “Edit” button, then select “Users” and check the “Allow” box for “Full Control”.  Again, the Administrator must do this.

Another problem that may occur as a result of the AMTS user not having Administrative privilege, is AMTS feedbanks unavailable to the AMTS User. This has been a particular issue with Novel based security systems. If the Novel Administrator installs AMTS software from their account, users (not the administrator) cannot find Feed Library or data files that are stored under the Administrators My Documents folder. In this situation, the Administrator must copy the AMTS folder in the Administrator’s My Documents to the AMTS user's My Documents folder.

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