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It’s our goal is to be the global, independent, expert group for ruminant nutrition and management.

Our team of global distributors are a tremendous tool helping achieve that goal. We enhance the competitiveness of our clients by providing software, quality control, technical training, research and development, and technical (software and non-software) support in their region, in their language. AMTS combines real-world experience, advanced scientific research, and software around the world to enhance client and farm sustainability.

Ignacio Reano, Veterinarian and graduate in bovine reproduction at Catholic University of Córdoba

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay: Ignacio Reano

Ignacio studied Veterinary Medicine at Universidad Catolica de Cordoba. Ignacio serves as Specialist in Bovine Reproduction at Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, and is currently coursing Specialist in Animal Nutrition at Universidad Nacional de la Plata. Ignacio works at Grupo Pilar S.A., as Technical Commercial Manager. Contact Ignacio Reano via

Marcelo Hentz Ramos, PhD, PAS , veterinarian/nutritionist, and a Federal University of Lavras Professor.

Brazil: Marcelo Hentz Ramos

Marcelo Hentz Ramos and Professor Marcos Neves Pereira (Universidade Federal de Lavras) along with their student group,Grupo do Leite, represents AMTS in Brazil. Marcelo attended Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA) in 2001 for veterinary medicine, achieved his Masters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and PhD at the University of Missouri. Currently, Marcelo is the director for 3RLAB (a small company formed between Rock River Laboratory and Rehagro). Contact Marcelo Ramos via email.  

Shucong (Shawn) Li, PhD and Dairy Scientist from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

China: Shucong (Shawn) Li

Shucong Li , obtained his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Northwest A&F University in Yangling, Shaanxi, China. He received a Doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and is a trained dairy nutritionist. He worked in teaching and research at Huazhong Agricultural University until 2006 when he began research at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Dr Li founded Anscitech Inc and Pufeng Laboratory Inc. Contact Shawn Li via email.

Martin Traxler, PhD from Cornell University

Mexico: Martin Traxler

Martin Traxler is the AMTS distributor for Mexico. Marty’s experience with AMTS and the CNPCS model goes back to the early to mid 1990’s when he was a PhD student at Cornell and was involved with the development of the CNCPS model. Currently Marty owns a feed laboratory in a very important dairy region in northern Mexico. He is also works with Lattech, a nutritional consulting company in Mexico; for more information, go to their website. Contact Martin Traxler via email.

Stephen Slippers, Animal Nutrition Consultant who earned his Masters in Animal Science from Free State University in South Africa

South Africa: Stephen Slippers

Stephen Slippers is the AMTS distributor in South Africa. Stephen is sole proprietor of SCS Feed Consult, a private consultancy conducting business since mid-2011 from a small farm near Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. He holds a Masters in Animal Science from Free State University in South Africa, and has been working in animal agriculture for over 35 years, with just under half of that time spent as an academic at three South African Universities (Free State, Zululand, and KwaZulu-Natal respectively). Contact Stephen Slippers via email.

Elena Bonfante, veterinary doctor and PhD graduate from Bologna University

Italy: Elena Bonfante

Dr. Elena Bonfante is a veterinary doctor, graduated in Bologna. She completed her PhD in Veterinary Sciences under the supervision of Prof.  Andrea Formigoni. Her research focused on understanding and modeling digestibility of fiber in lactating cows. During her Ph.D., she spent 7 months at Cornell University where she conducted research at the Cornell University Research Center under the supervision of Dr. Mike Van Amburgh. While at the CURC she began her training in applied dairy nutrition and management through working with dairies throughout the US and Italy. Contact Elena Bonfante via email.

Vadim Bakhchevnikov, veterinarian and graduate of the University of Agriculture in Persianovsky, Russia

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine: Vadim Bakhchevnikov

Dr. Vadim Bakhchevnikov is a veterinarian and graduate of the University of Agriculture in  Persianovsky, Russia. Vadim has worked managing large dairy operations in the USA for the past 10 years.  In 2015, Vadim founded Dairy Consulting International LLC. In January 2018, Vadim opened Nova Lab, a feed and forage laboratory in the Rostov on Don Region, Russia.  Nova Lab is affiliated with Cumberland Valley Analytical Laboratory.

Contact Vadim Bakhchevnikov via email.

Torsten Huhne, our primary contact with our German distribution partner dsp-Agrosoft GmbH

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland: Theresa Rumphorst

Theresa Rumphorst holds a Master in Agriculture Science from the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and is working on her PhD Thesis in Animal Nutrition at the University of Kassel. Theresa is our contact in dsp-Agrosoft GmbH, our distribution partner in Austria,  Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. dsp-Agrosoft GmbH has been developing and distributing software for farmers, veterinarians, and consultants for over 20 years with the focus on herd management, hoof trimming and ration calculation software.

Contact Theresa Rumphorst via email.

Geographic map of Turkey

Turkey: Hüdayi Kavuşturan

Hüdayi Kavuşturan is a ruminant nutritionist  who graduated from Agriculture Faculty of Aegean University.  After managing a state farm for 10 years he joined Ralston-Purina Turkey as ruminant product manager. In 1996 he left Purina as marketing & sales director to found Zirve A.Ş, with ten friends.  Zirve A.Ş was the first company in Turkey targeted to work with just ruminants.  For more information about AMTS software in Turkey contact Hüdayi.

Contact Hüdayi Kavuşturan via email.

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