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AMTS has a mission to be more than a software company. We are dedicated to supplying the tools to help nutritionists understand and implement the evolving knowledge base necessary to compete in today’s challenging climate. We work with educators and renowned scientists to bring important, current, and useful presentations to a global audience.

Key Points About the Nutritionist


The presentations are delivered in English on Zoom webinar platform and approximately 60 minutes in length.


The Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Russian language webinars are simultaneously translated and transmitted on other platforms.


Questions are fielded from English language listeners as well as from listeners around the world. The flow of the talk is not interrupted for translation.


The audience is global. To better accommodate listeners in all time zones, the recorded webinar is played with live question opportunities offered in both morning and night sessions on the webinar day.


Archived recordings of past webinars are available for on our website. Recordings are also available as podcasts.


All webinars and recordings have received CEU credit approval from ARPAS

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