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MixALot Calf Feeding Web Application

MixALot is a web-based program designed for use on-farm for feeding young calves.

AMTS MixALot is designed with feeding calves that are on milk in mind. MixALot gives the manager the ability to optimize the wet-calf mix in response to the amount of parlor milk available and calf numbers. Use MixALot on the farm computer and on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

MixALot facilitates farm communication and delivers a consistent feeding routine with the ability to exchange notes, update recipes and instructions, and see whether the feeder viewed the feeding instructions. Using a smartphone, the feeder can easily see manager and other calf feeder notes and recipes, and adjust the amount of milk available and calf numbers. The farm manager can allow nutritionists, veterinarians, or other consultants access to the program.

MixALot is intended for farmers, nutritionists, calf-raising advisers, and the boots-on-the-ground calf feeder. This diary calf feeding software takes the worry and guesswork out of daily calf feeding chores by reducing feeding-to-feeding variability. Research and experience show that consistency is critical for promoting calf health and optimal growth. A calf that gains well and remains healthy means fewer vet bills, better performance in the milking herd, and greater long-term financial returns for the dairy.

Key Points About AMTS MixALot


Web-based program for laptop/desktop and smartphone use


Multiple user levels (calf manager, consultant, consultant read-only and calf feeder) with varying input permissions.


Manage wet-calf recipe based on calf numbers, milk availability, milk characteristics, and milk-replacer ingredient specs within desired nutritional parameters


Provides consistent mixing guidelines to calf feeders even with varying calf numbers, milk component make-up, and milk availability


Optimize recipes for best-cost formulation based on desired final solids


Calf feeders see recipe and mix instructions on smartphone or tablet.

MixALot pricing

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Questions regarding billing should be submitted via email to, or call 1.607.898.2141

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