AMTS Support

Our support team is here to make sure you succeed by getting the most value from our family of products.

We’ll help you get up and running quickly by teaching you to use our software and the core biology behind it.

Your AMTS subscription entitles you to FREE telephone and online support.

Technical support via email:

Technical support by phone: +1.607.898.2141

We offer comprehensive training at YOUR location or OURS for 1-30 people per session. Training sessions are available for beginner or advanced users.

On-Site Training

On-site training sessions are available “on demand.”  One of the barriers to successful implementation of any model is a lack of understanding of the biological principles behind the model. AMTS LLC is the only group that can offer you this type of training directly.

Train with the Best

Learn from the group directly responsible for (and still involved) developing the model. At AMTS we are the experts on how this model works behind the scenes, we use it every day under practical conditions. You set the agenda: program use, model biological principals, formulation, etc.

Training sessions are priced per diem plus travel expenses.

Expert Nutritional Technical Support

We will provide Nutritional Technical Support (NTS) on a contractual basis. Be it in-house training, in-field services (farm visits, business development, etc.), formulation, product reviews, or just someone to answer a technical question, AMTS.NTS is here for you.

Academic License Holders

Academic License holders have access to teaching and training documents developed specifically to assist in the implementation of the CNCPS Model biology at the classroom level.

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