AMTS.GrowingCattle Beef and Feedlot Software

AMTS.GrowingCattle is a software tool for Nutritionists, Consultants and Feedlot Operators to predict growing cattle performance.

Use AMTS.GrowingCattle to quickly and accurately evaluate a mix of diets, environmental conditions, animal and feed characteristics, and economic situations to project animal performance and farm profitability for growing cattle.

Help your customers identify potential profits or downfalls.

Like cards in a dealt hand, a combination of factors contribute to a cattle feeding operation’s profitability. These factors include animal characteristics, economics, environmental conditions as well as feed prices, specs and diets.

AMTS.GrowingCattle combines these factors with growth projections to accurately predict feeding group production and profits. Use AMTS.GrowingCattle to answer the ‘what-ifs” and then choose the best deal while making purchase, sale, and feeding decisions.

Create and Compare Multiple Scenarios

Change the information, explore what-ifs; in seconds, our AMTS.GrowingCattle software will generate profit projections for maximum efficiency. 

You will be able to quickly and easily compare profit projections over a range of animal and feed purchase prices as well as animal sale prices. With this data in hand, you can budget for best-case and worst-case scenarios — shielding you and your customers from financial surprises and providing peace of mind you won’t get anywhere else.

Pen and Period Inputs

Look at income and expenses in either acrual or projection mode to examine how changing various scenarios affect profits. Adroitly adapt to market projections.

Feed Use

Examine how changing market conditions can be accomodated to better utilize existing feeds or take advantage of discounted feed prices.

Feed Use and Total Gain

Use GroingCattle’s day-step report to decide best time to sort and sell cattle.

Why Choose AMTS.GrowingCattle Feedlot Software?


Change the economics of a single group without changing the base template, for on-the-fly profit calculations.


Easily evaluate the impact of feeding different recipes to make smart feed purchasing and ration formulation decisions.


See animal performance on a daily basis, so you can better plan marketing strategies.


Quickly and easily compare the effect of multiple feeding scenarios with minimal time and effort.

AMTS.GrowingCattle is designed to maximize efficiency in the office as well as on the ranch. Its simple interface, easy-to-read feed screen, and advanced simulation screen help fine-tune period inputs and evaluate results with ease.

Product Pricing and Bundle Discounts

We thrive on making AMTS Products the most trusted on the market. 

AMTS accepts the following forms of payment:
Checks ($ USD) • Electronic Transfer ($ USD) • Credit card over the phone • Credit card on-line • PayPal
Questions regarding billing should be submitted via email to registration@agmodelsystems.com, or call 1.607.898.2141

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