Adjusting Inputs for Heat Stress

July and August can bring lots of heat and humidity in North America.  Don’t forget the importance of changing some of the barn/lot settings in your AMTS.Cattle.Professional program at this time of year. Heat to a cow is not friendly. 

Guest Post: Dr Buzz Burhans

When we conceived the Ruminations blog it was intended to be a place where we could further information about ruminant nutrition is addition to articles specifically about our platform AMTS.Cattle.Pro. To that effort we have featured guest posts from The Miner...

Version 4.5 has been released 3/21/16

We’ve been working very hard the last few months to improve your modeling experience and we’re happy to release version 4.5.02. In this version you will find the CNCPS 6.5.5 biology updates, updated reports, the updated CNCPS feedbank, and an  announcement...
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