Tom will be attending the Western Dairy Management Conference in Reno, Nevada March 6-8. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet, contact him at or call him +1.607.423.3327.

Be sure to have him explain the new AMTS.Cloud platform we have just released. AMTS.Cloud allows nutritionists to access their files and input data in the field using lightweight tablet computers and smart phones such as the iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® devices. User data is securely hosted on a virtual private network with 24/7/365 availability and reliable nightly backups. AMTS has hired Fred Rasmussen, MS, University of Michigan, to provide program support. If you are suspicious of nepotism at work; yes, Fred is Caroline’s brother-in-law. Tom always has his iPad close at hand so he can give you a demonstration.

No one will be better able to demonstrate the features of the newly released AMTS.Cattle.Pro ver 3.4.4 modeling software. The new version adds features such as optimizing multiple diets subject to inventory constraints, adding custom signatures to reports (demonstrated in this nifty video), and customizable file saving options. A new, really cool feature is the ability of users to get a graphical view of the nutritional contributions of each ingredient to the overall ration. In a pie chart! Everyone loves pie!

It will be a busy week for AMTS. Tom will be in Reno, Nevada- average temperature mid 50°F, pretty likely to be sunny. Lynn will be in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada- expected highs 25°F, snow likely. Hmmmm, a coincidence- I don’t think so. Well, Lynn has a better chance of seeing this:

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