Attendees of the Southwest Nutrition Conference have an opportunity to attend a pre-conference sponsored by Matrix Nutrition. Mark Holt will be using AMTS. Pro to demonstrate management strategies utilizing unique feedstuffs. Following is a summary from Matrix of the Pre-Conference.

Mark Holt, President of Matrix Nutrition is hosting a seminar directed to owners, managers and consultants of livestock feeding operations (both dairy and beef) on Managing Novel Feedstuffs in Times of Economic Uncertainty.  The seminar will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Mission Palms Conference Center on February 20, 2013 starting at 12:00 and lasting until 4:00.  This is the same location as the 2013 Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference which will be held February 21 & 22.

Topics for the seminar will include the use of innovative forage products such as High Sugar Content Sugar Beets, Floury Endosperm Corn Silage, and a patented revolutionary grain product designed to maintain or increase production while significantly decreasing the amount of concentrate
required (Rumen Available Starch).  Speakers will include the developers of Rumen Available Starch, nutritionists involved in the initial field use of the Rumen Available starch and the Floury Endosperm Corn Silage and nutritionists experienced in use of Sugar Beets in cattle feeding programs.

Registration to this seminar is free.  Pre-registration by calling Lisa at Matrix Nutrition at (602) 621-4944 is requested to allow planning for lunch but interested professionals in the world of livestock feeding are invited to attend without registration.

The use these new and innovative nutrition products to meet the nutrient needs of cattle efficiently and economically will be presented by using examples demonstrated by using the ration software provided by AMTS.

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