In the United States March 19th is celebrated as National Ag Day. Our country has  strong agrarian roots; farming methods and knowledge has evolved to the point where less than 2 percent of the population works to feed the other 98%. Fewer and fewer people have a direct link to a rural lifestyle, so much so that farming is both alternatively romanticized and vilified by people who are far removed from the process of feeding the nation and the world. We here at AMTS salute all the people who toil and help feed, clothe, and house us. Join us in celebrating National Ag Day. For more information Check the National Ag Day website.

I came across a couple of blogs that offer realistic insights on modern farming. They make for interesting reading.

The first is the Blog Spot for National Ag Day. This blog offers stories written by different individuals, often industry professionals.

National AG Day logo

I stumbled on the second blog a few weeks ago when I was looking for information about farming in the Reno, Nevada area. I found this blog, thecowlocale, and enjoyed it so that I bookmarked it to my “interesting blogs” folder.

thecowlocale blog

Thecowlocale is a compilation blog with six guest blogger, all individuals involved in their respective dairies in the Utah/Nevada area. It makes for fantastic reading.

I hope you will take some time on this, National Ag Day, to learn a little more about agriculture in the United States.

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