Fresno State University Dairy – Home of the Legendary CANC BBQ

There is something about the interaction between the California Animal Nutrition Conference program, Fresno weather in mid-May and the storied conference barbecue back on campus that makes this one of the premier conferences of its kind. Over 200 Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Educators, Students and Industry Representatives gave full attention to a pre-conference technical symposium sponsored by Novus followed by a balanced and interesting program put together by the conference program committee.

Perhaps the most novel presentation was “Microbial Endocrinology: How Bacterial Recognition of Hormones Govern Health from Infections to Behavior”. This was presented by Dr. Mark Lyte from Texas Tech University. Suffice to say that all presentations were excellent. It may be possible to get a copy of the conference CD through: Ann Quinn, CGFA, 1521 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814; (916) 441-2272. The entire program content can be viewed at:

Sponsored by Diamond V, AMTS did a collaborative training session with California Nutritionists using AMTS. Focus was on:

*Understanding and utilizing feed degradation rates for carbohydrates and protein pools in ration balancing.
*Understanding and utilizing the fatty acid sub-model.
*What to look for when actual versus predicted production don’t agree.
*What to expect in the future with AMTS Pro.

The open, small group setting led to good discussion and accordingly, knowledge sharing. Thanks again to Kevin Leahy from Diamond V for pulling together a worthwhile event!

John Conway

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