Just before the weekend, AMTS released an updated version of .Cattle.Professional. Most of the changes were behind the scenes: fixes to a few things that generated error messages, minor changes to certain screens, an up-dated manual, and additions to the feedbank. If you received the email blast from Lynn, just click on the link; alternatively, in the program go to the Main Screen and click Check for Updates under Help.

Plans are under way for holding our annual summer training session in Denver, CO this August. We thought we would give everyone a change of venue and hold the work session in a location other than Central NY! The three day class will feature Guest Presenters  Jim Drackley- noted for his work on transition cows and calves, and Ryan Higgs- a Kiwi getting his PhD at Cornell focusing on the next steps for CNCPS.

You will have an opportunity to work with the program learning tips and tricks for getting the most out of the features and have a chance to pick our brains for answers to any nutrition related questions you might have.  We have been very busy this past year, traveling and getting feedback from many clients- our work has exposed us to many challenges nutritionist face globally- this is a forum to bring all that together. Space is limited, so reserve early. Contact  support@agmodelsystems.com for more information. We hope you join us for learning and fun! More details to follow.

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