Today I am inexplicably having problems with my computer connecting to the internet and so, have to resort to a back up computer for a blog posting. It will be short and sweet. I may be a little succinct until I get my computer up and working. If I miss a day, I will make up for it. Anyway…

The next set of inputs on the Cattle screen have to do with Lactation and the Energy and Protein  requirements for Lactation, which are calculated from actual milk production and components. In the model Metabolizable Energy given in Mcal/d are calculated using the NRC 2001 equation.

  • Milk yield*(((MilkFat*0.0929)+(MilkTrueProtein/0.93*0.0547)+(Lactose*0.0395))/0.644)
  • Where the 0.644 is the efficiency of use from ME to NE

Metabolizable Protein, g/d, adapted from NRC 2001

  • (10*Milk Yield*Milk Protein)/0.67
  • Where the 0.67 is the efficiency of use from MP to NP

Until recently the program did not have equations for Lactating Beef Cattle, the requirements for lactation were estimated since milk production was usually not measured. Update to the program do contain a lactating beef model.

More, I hope, tomorrow. I may need to skip a day.

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