Agriculture Modeling and Training Systems (AMTS) has recently released of a new version of AMTS.Feedbank Manager (FBM) called AMTS.FBM v4. The program update brings new functionalities, works with more Mill software platforms, and updates the pricing structure for existing users.

What is FBM?

Developed with Mills and nutrition companies in mind, FBM streamlines the process of importing data from the feed mill; updating feeds, formulas, and pricing; and creating and sharing Feedbanks with other AMTS.Farm users. FBM eliminates redundant data entry and the accompanying increased potential for data entry errors by electronically sharing data between Mill Programs, analytical lab analyses, and AMTS.Farm (Pro) nutrition formulation software. Outside of mills, FBM can be used to control security settings for AMTS.Farm feedbanks and individual feeds, track which users change or create a feed, and the date the feed values are changed. FBM can also import, create, and export feed mixes or blends in companies with more than one nutritionist on staff. FBM allows for reconcilable feedbank distribution among company AMTS Pro users to save time and reduce chance of creating diets with old feed pricing or out-of-date specs.

What is in new FBM v4?

FBM Version 4 has the following new features:

  • Addition of NASEM vitamin and mineral bioavailability values.
  • Works with Hybrimin Winfumi 9.5™ and A-Systems Allix™.
  • Optional add-ons, Mix Optimizer, Custom Nutrients, and AMTS Tags.
  • Changed Pricing structure

Let’s break it down by item

Addition of NASEM information

At the end of 2021 the committee that was charged with updating the Dairy NRC2001 released their findings. The publication is called NASEM 2021. The CNCPS model and, by extension, AMTS.Farm (Includes AMTS.Farm.Cattle (Pro) and AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants) software incorporated information on mineral and vitamin requirements and  absorption coefficients into the mineral reports. You can find more information about the update in this post.  Accordingly, FBM v4 includes fields for the new NASEM values to allow AMTS and companies to add that information to feedbanks. Because this information adds fields to existing feedbanks, current FBM users will need to convert existing feedbanks before exporting to AMTS.Farm after users have updated to the latest version of AMTS.Farm (which is 4.18.3 at this writing). Caroline sent conversion information to all present users when we first released FBM v4.

FBM v 4 works with even more Mill software systems

FBM serves as a coordination software to allow AMTS.Farm users to send mix recipes to mills for formulation. FBM v4 allows the Mill software to communicate with AMTS.Farm by matching like data between the programs. It was originally developed with Brill Formulation® Mill software in mind; we have since expanded the cooperation to include BestMix™, Brill Formulation®, Hybrimin®, Format™, and Allix³. The most recent additions being Hybrimin® and Allix³. To watch a demonstration of importing Hybrimin® data, watch this video on our YouTube channel.

Added Functionality in the new FBM

There are three new functionalities in FBM v4; Mix Optimizer, Custom Nutrients, and AMTS Tags. The Mix Optimizer function will return the mix of ingredients with the least-cost formulation given user defined constraints (minimum and maximum) on ingredient inclusion levels and nutrient requirements. A linear optimization algorithm will optimize one mix at a time.  The optimizer provides shadow prices (the price at which an offered ingredient will be used at a different amount). The Custom Nutrients function gives you the ability to add nutrients, used by your mill, but not already in the FBM database, to your Master Feedbank.  Custom nutrient values can be directly entered, imported, or calculated from existing feedbank nutrient values.  And finally, AMTS Tags will print standard feed tags for companies that do not require compendium review.  AMTS will continue to support CudBud Feed Mill Tag export xml.  Feed Mill Tag does include compendium review and is purchased directly from CudBud Enterprises (not AMTS).

Just so you know, these three features are a BIG DEAL and PRETTY COOL.

New FBM Pricing

For existing FBM users, updated renewal prices begin April 1, 2023. FBM v4 has a new pricing structure.  Instead of the FBM maintenance subscription being based on the number of AMTS.Farm licenses owned by the company, the subscription charge is for each installation of FBM.  The added features, Mix Optimizer, Custom Nutrients, and AMTS Tags are purchased as separate modules and are an additional cost. The Mix Optimizer and Custom Nutrients  are bundled and purchased as one unit. FBM v4  is the base to which the Mix Optimizer/Custom Nutrients and AMTS Tags modules can be added.

Time to try FBM

With the added functionalities, growth of coordinating partners, and simplified pricing structure, now is a great time for you to look at FBM! As with all AMTS programs, we offer free 30-day trials of fully functional programs. To learn more about how FBM v4 can work for you, scan the QR code below. To help you better understand the way FBM works we have created a short playlist. We have also created a quick-start video that will get you underway. As always, please contact us with any questions you have by reaching out to support.

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