For several months we have had AMTS.Cattle™.Pro v 4.0 available to users as a voluntary download. This update is the implementation of a tremendous change in the CNCPS biology which is the culmination of several years of focused model research and testing especially in the areas of fiber and nitrogen digestion. Because the update incorporates a complete reworking of the feed libraries and the application of a dynamic rate calculator for fiber digestibility as well as necessitating adoption of new laboratory analysis methods by the forage labs, we have been very conservative in our release. We have felt it better to provide considerable educational material and have held numerous meetings, in partnership with the major feed labs and amino acid companies, to allow for AMTS users (or other CNCPS based users) opportunity to learn about the changes first, before we updated the program through an automatic update. The conversion process is not reversible. In other words, once the new version is downloaded, users cannot revert to an earlier version. It takes a little time, especially on farms with a lot of feeds in diets. The Amino Acid Conversion tool will match the new feed library values based on the original feed source ID. It will be important to look down through the matches to ensure the correct feed was chosen; this is especially true for users who may have brought CPM farms into previous versions of .Pro.

To help users understand the CNCPS biology changes and perform the tasks necessary for converting farm files as they update to the new version, we have developed a number of documents and information sources that are easily reached from links on this page.

 Updating AMTS.Pro and AMTS.FBM feedbanks to CNCPS 6.5 feedstuff database

This is for FBM users, look at this link for a tutorial of switching over feedbanks (insert link to feedbanks paper)

 Converting from AMTS.Cattle™.Pro 3.5 using CNCPS 6.1 to AMTS.Cattle™.Pro 4.0 using CNCPS 6.5

This incorporates the CNCPS v 6.5 biology as well as program interface updates. A summary of the added features and highlights of the CNCPS changes as well a pictorial tutorial for using the A.A. Conversion tool can be found here.

Converting Feeds and Feedbanks in the new AMTS.Cattle™.Pro v 4.0 video

This short video demonstrates using the Amino Acid Conversion Tool

Importing Feed Analysis

In the past, we instructed users to request analyses be emailed in .amts_fa file extension, with the update that will no longer be the preferred file extension. In order to allow for import of the new lab analyses specified in the 6.5 CNCPS biology feed files should be requested in the Standard XML format. This blog post outlines that change.

CNCPS 6.5 Changes: aNDFom

CNCPS 6.5 Changes: uNDF

CNCPS 6.5 Changes: Nitrogen Digestion and Ross Assay

CNCPS 6.5 Changes: Amino Acid Changes and Updated Feed Library Values

These four blog posts briefly examine the major areas of change in the CNCPS 6.5 Biology

CNCPS 6.1 vs AMTS 3.5.8 vs CNCPS 6.5 and AMTS 4.0

A blog post Tom wrote at the end of last year in which he ran some diets through the updated CNCPS and AMTS.Cattle™.Pro, incorporating the updated CNCPS platform and compared them to both programs before the update. The exercise was to demonstrate, given the same animal, environment, and diet parameters, how the user can expect animal performance to change in the updated biology. It also demonstrated that there is NO difference between formulating diets in CNCPS and AMTS.Cattle™.Pro (regardless of the version). AMTS is a pure, un-modified implementation of the CNCPS model.

Improving AMTS Predictions via Inputs

This paper, written by Tom, examines the input sensitivity by cattle type. It is an excellent primer and practice farm work through for both new users and experienced users looking for more information

The Nutritionist Webinar VanAmburgh

The first in a monthly series of webinars that focus on Ruminant Ration formulation in presentations from Global experts in the model. The first, Delivered on 11 February, was attended by over 250 people globally. In it Mike explained the changes to the model. A full recording of that session is available.

 Schedule AMTS Support

And finally, if, with all these resources just a click away, you are having difficulty downloading the program, converting the feeds, and formulating rations; you can contact support and schedule a help session.

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