A couple of things from our website: The AMTS mission is to provide and promote integrated solutions that enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of animal agriculture and allied industries. AND At AMTS, our goal is to be the global, independent, expert group for ruminant nutrition and management. To achieve that goal we will enhance the competitiveness of our clients by providing software, quality control, technical training, research and development, and technical (software and non-software) support.  


The CNCPS model which our software is built upon, is undergoing a major revision. This update will be the first major change to the biological model equations since 2012. Now, there are several nutrition programs used for feeding cattle. As one of the very limited number of commercial companies based on CNCPS biology we take our responsibility to our users and anyone using the biology very seriously. Nutritionist depend on reliable, understandable integration of new equations, nutrient digestibility rates, undated nutrient profiles, and incorporation of new laboratory techniques. They need to know what the changes mean for their formulation approach and how to take advantage of the improved information. We know you are busy and need the program and new biology to just plain work. The changes to the model biology for this release fall into two categories. The CNCPS research groups has updated recommended laboratory analysis so the labs will be changing their analyses in key areas of NDF and Nitrogen. Research and subsequent field trials from the modeling group show the importance of NDF in regulating DMI, the most critical factor in ration formulation. The research pertaining to Nitrogen efficiencies and use has the most effect on how nutritionists will utilize amino acid products in their clients’ diets. For these reasons forage labs and nutrient supply companies are interested in helping forward model biology understanding. To that end, we are teaming up with the major feed analysis laboratories, amino acid companies and nutrient suppliers to conduct a series of educational seminars across North America. Lynn has been hard at work securing cooperators, dates, and locations for half-day sessions. We are still in the process of scheduling meetings and venues; the dates we have are as follows:

7 January 2015

9am – 1 pm

Fairfield Inn, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Presenters: Lynn and Mariann

Lab; Dairyland Laboratories

Amino Acid Company: Adisseo


15 January 2015

8:30 am to 1 pm

Holiday Inn, Grantville, Pennsylvania, USA

Presenters: Lynn, Galit, Mariann

Lab: Dairy One

Amino Acid Company: Perdue AgriBusiness

Lunch Provided by Perdue AgiBisiness


4 February 2015

Time not firm yet

 PhD R&D Facility, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA

Presenter: Tom

Lab: Rock River Lab

Amino Acid Company: Feed Components

Lunch Provided by Feed Components and ANC


18 February 2015

In conjunction with South West Nutrition Conference


Residence Inn, Tempe Arizona, USA

Presenters: Lynn, Caroline

Lab: Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Amino Acid Company: Adisseo


3 March 2015

In conjunction with Western Dairy Management Conference

8 am-1 pm

John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks, Nevada, USA

Presenters: Tom, Caroline

Lab: Dairy One

Amino Acid Company: Adisseo

Lunch Provided by Dairy One


26 March 2015

1 pm-5 pm

Marriott, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Presenters: Galit, Mariann

Lab: Dairyland Laboratories

Amino Acid Company: Kemin

These meetings are on a pre-registration basis and are open to anyone interested in furthering his/her understanding of the CNCPS Model Biology. These will not be AMTS training sessions. We are dedicated to helping educate nutritionists regardless of the feeding platform they use. The changes to the CNCPS model in this 6.5 version are building blocks for the huge shift that the 7.0 biology will bring. It is critical that we take the next steps along the road toward mechanistically typifying animal response with minute precision and accuracy. We are moving close to our new version release date, we will not release and hope you understand the implications of the changes. Our focus in this last few months has been to ensure that we have the information and the support ready to help in the transition.

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