AMTS.FBM v4 includes NASEM minerals and has added modules. Read more here.                Special FBM tutorial videos.

Our Family of Products
Designed to Optimize Efficiency from Mill to Mouth

Developed for progressive nutritionists, mill operators, and feed industry professionals; the entire AMTS software suite uses the latest beef and dairy nutrition development tools with direct input from feed industry professionals from around the world.


AMTS.Farm incorporates both AMTS.Farm.Cattle(Pro) and AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants in one license. The best program for feeding cattle, sheep, and goats in one program. It is sold on subscription basis and includes free support and free updates. Updates are made continuously and new versions are released regularly (3-4 times annually). The ability to perform least cost optimization using a linear optimizer is standard with .Farm


An optional upgrade, the advanced optimizer in .Farm uses a custom designed algorithm to create, evaluate, and evolve rations that are more cost effective at meeting the nutrient requirements. The Advanced Optimizer is able to develop a better ration within the specified constraints, even constraints that cannot be optimized using linear equations. Use the standard linear optimizer to see where you can better cost ingredients after you have formulated your recipes; take them a step further using the advanced optimizer.


Available as an upgrade to the basic subscription, this tool allows you to quickly and easily least-cost optimize a mix while meeting ingredient and nutrient constraints. It provides you with a simple way to save cost on mixes while balancing for major chemical composition, minerals/vitamins, and additives. The mix optimizer let you deconstruct and recreate a mix based on know nutrient analysis and available ingredients to create your own custom mixes.


Combine all the features of AMTS.Farm(ao) and AMTS.Farm(mo) into one bundle to reach your highest formulation power! This package includes the linear optimizer, the linear mix optimizer, and the advanced optimizer in one subscription. When you buy the (ao+) package added to the multi-species diet formulation package of AMTS.Farm you can do it all!

Feeding Cattle Exclusively? Whether formulating for Dairy or Beef cattle, AMTS.Farm.Cattle(Pro) will meet all your needs. Please look at the module options for that program on our AMTS.Farm.Cattle(Pro) page.

Farmer in field with grazing cows
Are you a Goat or Sheep Nutritionist? If the only animals you are feeding are sheep or goats, look at the options available in our AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants offerings.

AMTS.Feedbank Manager (FBM)

Link mill data from BestMix, Brill, Allix, Hybrimin, and Format to AMTS.Farm (Pro) feed data and streamline the process of importing, updating, and sharing feeds, formulas, and pricing. Reduce keying errors by using the integration abilities of FBM


Quickly and accurately evaluate a mix of diets, environmental conditions, animal and feed characteristics, and economic situations to project animal performance and farm profitability for growing cattle.


A web-based, on-farm program designed to help calf managers perform the daily task of feeding young calves. Take the guess-work out of wet-calf feeding with consistent routines and streamlined communication using a mobile application!

AMTS's ration formulation models are based on the latest science available. With the global license to the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS), our AMTS.Farm.Cattle(Pro) software stays up-to-date with the latest biology. AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants is based off the latest research and the 2007 NRC model.

You are busy. Our cattle, sheep, and goat feeding software is designed to be efficient. We believe that users should only have to enter data once. Digital data (such as feed library analyses) can be electronically imported. Templates allow you to load data for common inputs. Using AMTS.FBM, AMTS.Farm dairy, beef, and small ruminant formulation software products can share data with major mill formulation programs.

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants gives you all of the power, flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy you are comfortable with in AMTS.Farm.Cattle(Pro) paired with the most recent NRC model information for feeding sheep and goats.


Time-Saving Benefits and Optimization

Farm / Lot Group Structures

The .Farm user interface utilizes a Farm/Barn/Group structure. Inputs that are common to a group (for example, temperature within a barn) are inputted once at the Barn/Lot level and inherited by all groups within that barn.

Data Imports
Import feed analysis data from participating labs
Recipe Updates

On many farms, the same base recipe is fed to multiple groups, differing only in the quantities offered. With .Farm, you can model the herd, flock, or tribe using Recipes; assign that recipe as a ration to different groups, change the intake for the group, and evaluate the results. When you make a change to the recipe, it updates the ration for all groups it is fed to.

Common Feed Library
Get all feeds available to be used on a farm in the same file. No time wasting need to re-input the same data between files.

Choose Optimization

AMTS.Farm offers two optimizers. Customers can choose to remain with the basic least-cost ration optimization that comes standard with the software or upgrade to the AMTS.Farm(ao). Customers can also upgrade the Mixes function to allow linear optimization of ingredients in AMTS.Farm(mo). To unlock full optimization power they can bundle into AMTS.Farm(ao+).

Standard Optimization

The basic subscription includes a linear optimizer that balances rations for a least cost solution with or without inclusion of limiting parameters such as inventory constraints, nutrient min/max considerations, et al. The linear optimization provides shadow prices and identifies the most limiting constraints.

Advanced Optimization

For an additional cost, AMTS.Farm offers an advanced non-linear optimizer, .Farm(ao). The Advanced Optimizer allows you to maximize Income Over Feed Costs or minimize Feed Cost. The complex algorithm starts with a base diet and works to iteratively make small changes to create a better diet. This method, unlike any other optimizer used today, gives you more decision-making control.  It also presents a number of solutions so that you then pick from these solutions the diet you think is best! In this way, you, the professional nutritionist, can see the best diet for the farm.

Additionally, this new optimizer has two objective functions: Minimize Cost OR Maximize Income Over Feed Costs. Our experience and research have shown improvements in income over feed costs as high as 10%. With today’s feed costs as high as they are, imagine the feedback from your clients if you can increase their IOFC 10%!

Mix Optimization

For an additional cost, AMTS.Farm(mo) offers the ability to perform a linear optimization of mix ingredients to develop a least-cost optimized mix that meets ingredient and nutrient constraints. It provides the user with a simple way to save cost on mixes while balancing for major chemical composition, minerals/vitamins, and additives.


For nutritionists feeding both Cattle and Small Ruminants. The convenience of both formulation models in one program.

Add optimizers to suit your needs!

Single invoice purchase of  AMTS.Farm Suite Discount
Single invoice purchase 5-14 site licenses 5% Discount
Single invoice purchase 15-24 site licenses 10% Discount
Single invoice purchase 25-49 site licenses 15% Discount
Single invoice purchase 50-99 site licenses 20% Discount
Single invoice purchase 100+ site licenses 25% Discount

AMTS accepts the following forms of payment: Checks ($ USD) • Electronic Transfer ($ USD) • Credit card over the phone • Credit card on-line • PayPal Questions regarding billing should be submitted via email to, or call 1.607.423.9058

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