With the release of version 4, AMTS has adopted a new method for importing feed analysis from labs. This method was initially based upon the .amts_fa file format and then greatly expanded by DairyOne, DairyLand and CVAS. It has also been adopted by Rock River.

It is very important to ask these participating labs to give you the “New Standardized XML format”. This new format contains all the new components used by 6.5 biology as well as additional information. It has been decided that any new components will be added to this format.

While the .amts_fa format still works, it does NOT contain new information (such as the new DNDF time points, aNDFom, etc.). Thus we urge you to adopt the new file format.

If you are working with a lab other then these four (or their affiliates), please have the lab contact us for more information. The objective of this Standardized XML format is to have a single format for all labs thus we will share with them the format.

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