When we conceived the Ruminations blog it was intended to be a place where we could further information about ruminant nutrition is addition to articles specifically about our platform AMTS.Cattle.Pro. To that effort we have featured guest posts from The Miner Institute, academics, and other nutritionists. Recently we contributed information to Dr. Buzz Burhans for a presentation he made in September at the Western Nutrition Conference in Saskatoon Canada. His presentation was on the evolution and changes in the CNCPS model itself, not on the various platforms that commercially offer the model through their formulation software, although he did use examples of the implementation of the CNCPS model, including from AMTS. He prepared a paper that included a brief history of CNCPs that nicely summarized much of the research conducted over the last 40 years or so to get us where we are today. We asked his permission to post, and he was happy to agree to provide the paper, which is also on the conference website


Dr. Buzz Burhans, PhD at Dairy Nutrition & Health, recently presented a great talk at the Western Canada Dairy Nutrition Conference held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan September of 2016 about the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS).   This article goes through a bit of the 40 year evolution of the model including the new updates from earlier this year.


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