Official Feedbank Update from CNCPS

CNCPS, through the Van Amburgh group at Cornell, has officially released an update to their feedbank modifying certain feeds with new values. This means AMTS has also updated the affected feeds in AMTS.Farm official feedbanks to reflect the current official feed values.  There are a couple of things built into AMTS that makes managing this sort of updates seamless.

“There is Newer version” Dialog

When we have updated a universal feedbank (AMTS Feeds, AMTS Commercial, AMTS Tropical, AMTS EU) the program notifies you on opening. If you are connected to the internet, a pop-up dialog will inform there are new feedbanks available and ask if you want to download. JUST SAY YES!! The new feedbanks will download and update in your farms automatically. It is just that easy!

We have a Plan B

But we know you guys—you just click through the pop-up dialogs in the program without reading them in your haste to work on diets. After all, that is what you opened the program to do. If you ignore that opening dialog and realize, after the fact, that you should have read that message and affirm. You can always re-open the program. You will get the dialog on every opening until you update the feedbanks.

Settings that Control Messages

We also know some of you hate those message pop-ups and have found the control in Settings that will turn OFF or ON the automatic checks. If you have turned them off but forget where or how, the controls are located in Settings>Start-up Settings. In that screen you can check the Feedbanks you wish to automatically check. The image below shows that screen.

Download AMTS Files

On occasion, you may need to download an AMTS Feedbank (or the Manual or a language resourse file). We sometime get support calls where users have a message saying they have a corrupted feedbank and need to know what to do. When working in the program, you can download any of the feedbanks as well as a number of other AMTS files through the Tools menu on the ribbon bar. The embedded video below shows how that feature works.


Checking Feeds for Last Update Date

We have a list below of the updated feeds but it is pretty long. There is an easy way to tell the last date a feed has been updated. In the Feed screen, on the left side if the screen, you will see a column that shows Last Update Date. Also, some feeds will have a small green square in the cell with the feed name. Hovering your cursor over that box will show a message about that feed. The short video highlights those functionalities.


This new release includes some new commercial feeds and some slight changes to existing feeds.  Here is the list of updated feeds:

Aadvantage Jefo Transition VB
Acid Buf Jefo Vicomb P+
Almond Hulls 28 NDF Jefo Vitali-T
Amino Plus Lactowhey
Amino Shure XM MetAAtein
Amino Soy MetaSmart Dry
Animate MetaSmart Liquid
Biochlor Microvit A DLC 500
Bioplex Copper Microvit A Supra 1000
Bioplex Manganese Microvit AD3 Supra 1000-200
Bioplex Zinc Microvit D3 500 DLC
CalMin Feedworks USA Microvit D3 Promix 500
Canola Meal Solvent Microvit E DLC 60
Celmanax SCP Microvit E Promix 50
Cidify Microvit H Promix Biotin 2%
Dairy Pass 80 Molasses (all)
Dairy Prime 74 NexPro
Dakota Gold OneTrak
DCAD Plus ProTeam 73
EB Merge ProTeam 80
EB Merge HM ProvAAl Advantage
Emprove28 yeast ProvAAl lysine
EmproveXM yeast QLF products (all)
EnerGII Regular RumenAdv42
Energy Booster 100 RumenSmart Dry
Energy Booster Mag SeaLac
Fat Yellow Grease Select 80
Fermenten Smartamine ML
Fish Meal Menhaden Spectrum AgriBlue
Gemini Protein Spectrum AgriRed
Intellibond CII Sugar Lactose
Jefo Choline 24 Sugar Sucrose
Jefo Dairy Fat Zinpro 120
Jefo Lactation VB Zinpro 180
Jefo Lys-30 Zinpro 40
Jefo Met 55 Zinpro 4-Plex E
Jefo Thiamin 10 Zinpro Availa Cu 100

It is always best practice to keep your feed values updates because little changes in feeds can make a big difference in what your end diet feeds like and how your animals respond. If you have any questions, as always, contact us through support.


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