Dr Tom Tylutki, CEO AMTS, LLC

October 13, 2022

Formulating for Profit and a better Environment

Our own, Tom Tylutki, will use the CNCPS-based AMTS formulation model to look at the effect various feeds and diets will have on emissions. The excretion and emission equations in the CNCPS allow you to formulate with those results in mind. Tom discusses some of the thoughts and products mentioned in earlier webinars but then pivots some what to look at where real efforts can be placed. What are the best strategies. For more of Tom’s past formulation focused webinars; look at 201520162020Feb 2021, and Oct 2021

The presentation in pdf form:

The Nutritionist 2022 October Tylutki PDF

This educational series would not be possible without the support our generous sponsors. We hope you will look to them when you have nutritional needs.

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The webinars are transmitted globally in multiple languages. Mariann Fessenden from AMTS is the host and producer. A Spanish language webinar is hosted by Paula Turiello of Ifina in Argentina, Marcello Hentz Ramos of 3rlab in Brazil hosts in Portuguese. Mandarin translations and hosting in China is with Shawn Li of AnSciTech, Elena Bonfante of Dairy Innovations Italia joins from Italy.

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