In a previous post, we promised a video demonstrating the improved integration between AMTS.Farm.Cattle and AMTS.GrowingCattle. Well, we are please to finally have that completed! We hope this helps you understand how to import a diet created in AMTS.Farm.Cattle into AMTS.GrowingCattle. There are a couple of things to note:

Formulate Diets in AMTS.Farm.Cattle

Yes, it is possible to do all your diet formulating in AMTS.GrowingCattle. We have incorporated the Beef NRC equations in the program; however, GrowingCattle was really developed with other features in mind. With GC you can look at day-step analyses over the period a group is in the given pen. GrowingCattle also incorporates costs information to give a more detailed assessment of the profit and loss potential at given rates of gain over a dutation of time and under certain market conditions. With GrowingCattle you can play “what-if” scenarios that are less about the subtleties of the diet and more about the changes in both input costs and market prices.

On the other hand diet formulation in AMTS.Farm.Cattle is more about the diet and the nuances environment, feed changes, and animal factors play in ensuring desired outcomes. Many of you are our customers because of AMTS.Farm.Cattle. You are comfortable with the flow of the program and adept with the optimizers. A lot of dairy focused nutritionists may have heifer growers or feedlot managers who are also customers. Or, you may have the potential to pick up some of these accounts if you have a tool that helps with the financial management of inputs. AMTS.Farm.Cattle is designed to be a nutrition formulation powerhouse and it does that very well. It is not intended to do financials, but .GrowingCattle does. Wedding the two program gives you the strongest tools available for a full assessment.

GrowingCattle is on Sale!

We know learning another program is challenging and most of you have a full plate already. We think, given incentive to try, you will like .GrowingCattle. For that reason, we are offering AMTS.GrowingCattle at a 50% discount. This discount if only valid for AMTS.Farm.Cattle users. If you have an existing license OR if you purchase an AMTS.Farm license at the same time, you can use the dicount coupon  GC_50_PROMO on checkout. This past week we had a nice write-up in Feedstuffs on-line. As with all the AMTS programs, we give you 30 days to trial the program. These trials are fully functional programs, nothing is “held back”. If you want to trial .GrowingCattle before purchase, you still have time. Just remember the Coupon expires on November 1.

Contact Us

We recognize that you may have already trialed .GrowingCattle. We notice that many new customers download trials of all our programs at once. If that is the case, you will not be permitted a second trial if you try to download through the website. No worries!!!! Lynn or I can help you with a second opportunity to trial. Just reach out to us at support for help or any other questions you might have.

In the meantime, check out the video below for a demonstration of the AMTS.Farm.Cattle/AMTS.GrowingCattle integration. It is quick– less than 5 minutes!

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