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Using AMTS.GrowingCattle with AMTS.Farm just got easier!

AMTS, the leader in CNCPS-based dairy formulation software, has made it easier for AMTS.Farm users to run projections and make marketing decisions on their finishing/feedlot cattle by integrating with AMTS.GrowingCattle, our animal performance predictor for growing cattle. Diets created in .Cattle are easy to integrate into .GrowingCattle for advanced financial analysis by importing ration.

What is AMTS.GrowingCattle?

.GrowingCattle (GC) is a relatively new software offering from AMTS is specifically designed to help nutritionists working with feedlot or finishing cattle mangers better manage and anticipate changing market conditions to maximize profit. In the September issue of Progressive Cattle Magazine, Editor Cassidy Woolsey talked about applying the advice her high school basketball coach gave to “anticipate the pass—move towards the ball” as applicable to managing volatile markets. GC lets you play with several factors including the rate of gain and duration of time in a given group, on a given diet, in conjunction with changing costs and revenues depending on finish characteristics and market prices. Producers can decide if they can be more profitable selling younger, smaller animals to a finisher or if their best bet lies in waiting selling as ready to process.

Why formulate in AMTS.Farm?

GC relies on inputted information about the animal, environment, and feedstuffs to project growth. That information is then used to project costs and grouping duration to predict profits and losses. to keep the program simple, the information inputs are focused on those that most affect the potential outcomes. Additionally, the feeds available in the program are a limited number and are based off library values and not specific to the farm. While those feeds can be edited to better reflect the farm feeds, it necessitates hand entering those values, risking  mis-keying.

On the other hand, AMTS.Farm has a more robust formulator with the opportunity to enter more specific environmental, animal, and feed characteristics. The feed library is more extensive—a real plus when you are using a lot of by-products—and you are able to electronically import analyses for a more customized diet. Additionally, .Cattle has a standard linear optimizer and the power of mix optimization and advanced optimization(for added cost) to give you the edge you need in this challenging market period.

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Integration for better diets, time savings, and greater profits

As cattle formulation nutritionists, users of AMTS.Farm.Cattle (formerly AMTS.Pro) have the sensitivity and ease of using .Cattle to make diets then, using the Import Recipes function in .GrowingCattle, dig into economics, projections, and market fluctuations. When the difference between being in the top 25% and the bottom 25% of producers can lie in being 10% better, the ability to analyze and anticipate what-if scenarios can make the difference between profit and loss on a group of animals.

One of our driving goals is making formulation quicker, easier, and better to free up your time so you can do the things that make a difference on and off the farm. Our programs let YOU do the important nutritionist work through efficiency, allowing you to do the things you want with your extra time.

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Trial .GrowingCattle this month, Buy at 50% off until November

For the months of September and October, we are offering AMTS.GrowingCattle at a 50% discounted rate for users of AMTS.Farm. If you are currently running .Cattle, and have never trialed .GrowingCattle, download the trial today. As with all AMTS software, you will have a 30 day trial. The 50% off promotion is valid until October 31, 2020. If you have previously trialed and would like to try the new functionality, contact us to get another trial opportunity. When you are ready to purchase your copy, be sure to contact us to get your 50% discount on the AMTS.GrowingCattle subscription price for this year! Remember: the offer expires October 31st




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