Feed Mill Tag

Feed Mill Tag software is an on-line tool developed by Cud Bud Enterprises in Minnesota to make compliant feed tags.

The base Feed Mill Tag software allow users to create medicated and non-medicated tags with flexible content and formats that meet VFD and AAFCO guidelines.  Additionally, the Feed Mill Tag program has many customizable options to help meet specific state feed regulatory guidelines and mill preferences. As a stand-alone program, tags can be created independent of mill formulation software.

We have worked with Rich Larson, DVM, developer of  Feed Mill Tag software to create a compatibility with AMTS.Feedbank Manager to allow small mill and feed companies working with .Pro using nutritionists creating custom mixes with easy compliance to labeling regulations.

The field nutritionist, using AMTS.Cattle.Professional, creates and electronically shares farm specific mix formulas with mills using AMTS.Feedbank Manager.   The mill personnel can edit (if necessary), approve and manufacture the mix formula and print the mix tag using Feed Mill Tag.

For more information about how AMTS. Feedbank Manger integrates with Feed Mill Tag contact support.

Read more about Feed Mill Tags and get a free trial version visit the Feed Mill Tag website



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