Dr Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph and feeding for Automatic Milking Systems (Robots) .

This month’s webinar with Dr Trevor DeVries  focused on nutritional considerations when working with robots herds in the October The Nutritionist. Trevor, whose work at Guelph focuses on best practices in nutrition, housing, and management that promote healthy behaviors in dairy cow health. Trevor has been a past Nutritionist speaker and is much in demand for his current research in robot, or, more accurately, automated milking systems. In his presentation Dr DeVries offered insight on research with free flow and directed flow system, best practices for formulating partially mixed rations (PMR) and pellets, and some of the health risks in robot milked herds. The interest level and subsequent questions for both webinar times was very high. The question period was lengthy with insight and experiences shared both ways. Unfortunately, we had technical issues with the recording of the questions from the morning webinar and have only a partial recording.

His presentation in pdf form:

The Nutritionist 2020 DeVries PDF

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