As we mentioned earlier when we released the roster for the 2021 The Nutritionist Webinars, we are taking the webinars into the fields and barns. We have sent all our speakers cool gimbals and mics like Tom used in hisSeptember 2020 webinar and asked them to show us the cows. Tom kicked the 2021 season off with a snow-filled stroll through the barns and DairyComp to dig down a little deeper in the herd we toured in September. The resulting 3.5 hours of video and questions is something to be watched over a number of sittings. I am tasked with the duty of broadcasting and delivering a recording of the broadcast. Every once-in-a-while, I mess up and forget to start the recording, sigh. For this webinar, I did it twice and missed the section where Tom went over his 20 Questions. We decided, following the adage of “making lemonade” to turn the discussion into a short. You can find this, and other videos on  our video page, as well.

We have made the pdf available to AMTS subscribers. It is accessible through the Client Resources under the Knowledge Base dropdown on our webpage Please share any questions or comments you have with  Dr Tom Tylutki.


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