The Nutritionist 2021 Roster features Farm Tours

In the industry, our webinar series has a reputation for excellent talks from dynamic speakers. When the world shutdown the spring of 2020 we saw an abundance of like-webinars offered in attempt to replace the in-person meetings we could no longer attend. That does not look to change, at least not in the short-term. We are not ones to get lost in the crowd—we are changing it up! Our 2021 webinars are all going to be cow-side, practically applicable farm tours with experienced nutritionists from around the world giving their approach to nutritional management. Our speakers are stepping away from the computer and heading to the farm. If you want a taste of what this will look like, watch Dr Tom Tylutki’s September webinar. This webinar was our most attended and quickly became our most watched recording. Our audience, always global, was a cross section of the world’s progressive dairy regions.

Bonus talks: two sheep focused presentations

We had a very good response to our two Goat Nutritionist webinars that we held in November and December. Our speaker was Dr Andreas Foskolos, an Assistant Professor in Animal Science at the University of Thessaly. As a response to our listeners who feed sheep in addition to or instead of goats, we have scheduled two webinars focusing on feeding sheep under intensive management. Our speakers are based out of France and so, our talks will focus on European production and feeding systems. Depending on the response and desires of our audience, we would look for speakers on alternative systems for additional talks later in the year.

2021 The Nutritionist Roster

The Nutritionist 2021 Roster PDF

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