AMTS.Cattle.Pro is out as a new release! The official version is and it includes a wonderfully helpful feature called the Feed Pricing Analysis Tool (FPA). This entirely new screen is accessible through either the Feeds screen or by selecting form the Tools drop-down in the program.

Fred Rasmussen, our programmer who focuses on specialty tools, has been toiling away for a few months with help from the rest of the team. Those of you who were able to attend the .Pro users meeting in Savannah earlier this year, got a preview when Fred demonstrated a beta version.

The FPA was developed with the intent to make it easier for nutritionists to assess the relative value of feeds in their farm feed library in relation to desire nutritional contributions. It colorfully shows the Predicted Value of feeds over the Actual cost of feed to direct alternative choices in rations.

To help users get acquainted with using the FPA we have created some tutorial videos that step you through using the new tool. The videos were recorded with Fred’s help and can be found on our AMTS Vimeo website. For viewing convenience we have broken the tutorials into 3 manageable chunks:

FPA Part One: covers set-up and basic operation

FPA Part Two: an overview of the difference between analyzing with and without Cattle and Recipe information as well as some discussion about statistics.

FPA Part Three: A little more about use and statistics as well as printing the analysis.

There are additional new feature in the program–be sure to look through the “New Things” PowerPoint which loads at the beginning of the program. If you have any questions be sure to reach out to us through support.

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