We have been getting emails and calls from nutritionists whose clients have to dump their milk and are seeking to use it, instead, as a feed ingredient. Dr Tom Tylutki gives some advice on how to do this.

New Feature: Milk Steps

In March AMTS issued an updated version of AMTS.Cattle™.Pro that made some functionality changes, incorporated the CNCPS v 6.5.5 biology, and introduced a new report feature. We routinely do two big update a year. These updates are implementations of user requests,...

AMTS Feedbank Update–Zinpro Availa Plus

An update has been made to the AMTS Feedbank that affects the feed Zinpro Availa Plus. Typically we get specs for feeds from commercial companies and  just copy and paste from feedbanks the company and/or Cornell send us. In the case of Zinpro Availa Plus the...

Diet Forensics—Body Weight

When we do trainings or teach groups about the biology behind the program we always emphasize the importance of getting accurate bodyweights. Almost every equation in the model uses the number that you enter for either Mean Full Body Weight (FBW) or Mean Shrunk Body...
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