An update has been made to the AMTS Feedbank that affects the feed Zinpro Availa Plus.

Typically we get specs for feeds from commercial companies and  just copy and paste from feedbanks the company and/or Cornell send us. In the case of Zinpro Availa Plus the bio-availability was incorrect in the specs, we did not see it when we copied over the information.  In 10 years, this is the first time this type of error has carried over. In the old AMTS Feedbank the bio-availability for Iodine for this feed ingredient is set to 0 where it should be set to 0.85. We have corrected Zinpro Availa Plus (it was the only feed with an issue). When you next open your program (and if you have internet connection) you will be informed there is a new feedbank available. Download, it will go to the proper folder. If you have farms that contain Zinpro Avail Plus as an ingredient, you will need to re-import that feed ingredient into the farm feedbank. The corrected bio-availability will over-write the incorrect feed value. You will need to do this for each farm you use Zinpro Availa Plus in rations.


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