As mentioned in the previous blog, AMTS has a new EU Feedbank. As Sam explained upon the release of the new EU Feedbank, this regionally specific feedbank is populated with feed analyses values more typical of the feeds farmers in Europe use. This helps fuel more accurate DMI predictions and is a real benefit for nutritionists looking to gain an edge in efficiency and accuracy. We anticipate adding more region specific Feedbanks to our program as we continue to focus on gaining information on feeds used outside the US and Canada.

Having created the data file, the EU Feedbank does not automatically load the next time you open the program. You must take the additional step to download or set your AMTS.Cattle.Pro program to automatically check for Updates in program settings.

Automatic Checks In Settings

In the Settings tab, under Start-up Settings, You can select which Feedbanks (as well as the manual) you want automatically downloaded. By checking the desired box, the program will automatically download when an update is released. Alternatively, if you do not think you will ever use a specific feedbank or are on a slow connection, you can speed program launch by leaving unnecessary feedbanks unchecked.

Check for Updates

A manual choice of downloading can be managed through the Tools Tab by selecting AMTS Downloads and choosing which file to download.

Remember to check your setting to ensure you take full advantage of updates and improvements to the program.

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