AMTS.Farm has a new version

This week AMTS released an updated version of our main formulation program AMTS.Farm.Cattle & Small Ruminants. Most of the changes were behind the scenes: fixes to a few things that generated error messages and minor changes to some functionalities. Most of the changes will go un-noticed unless you happen to be one of our users who either work a lot with some of the specialized tools or had stumbled across an error that seemed to be more that the computer genies playing tricks.

When you next open the program, you will be informed that a new version is available and asked if you would like to download the patch. Go ahead and say yes 😎. That is really all there is .

Videos and Tools to learn program functionality

Oh, yeah–usually we have some nifty new functionality, but really, this time we have been focused on refining some of the program features that we have recently added. Sam has been getting very close with the Robot and Component Feeding Tool. Remember, we released that as a beta version that we want you to try so we can make changes. Review the news about that and watch the video explaining how to use it. We have many other videos having spent a good deal of the time during lockdown developing an “Essentials” Video series that help walk you through the program. They are about more than just functionality and I encourage you to look to all the tutorial videos either through links on the video page or exploring the offerings on the YouTube playlist. We have also had great help from translators in various countries so the videos have subtitles in various languages.

To further remind you, with the previous install, we took away the onerous admin privileges requirement. If your program still prompts you to affirm you wish to allow the program to potentially make changes to your computer whenever you start and if, in your heart-of-hearts, you cursed the message saying there was a newer version because it means you have to talk to IT, read this post to get the details on how to make that go away.

We like to hear from you!

Finally, LET US KNOW when there is something that seems not right or if you have a persistent error or funky program behavior. Things do happen and we need to know to fix them! Lest you think we have been eating ice cream and twiddling our thumbs, be ready for BIG changes on the horizon!

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