The AMTS group is growing! We are very excited to welcome Alex Converse to our company. Alex has been working with us (primarily helping Vijay and Fred coding) contractually on special coding projects. he has been doing such a great job and fit in so well that we brought him on full-time in late spring. One of the first programs he created was a Translation Application that has simplified the process of translating .Pro into other languages. 

Alex grew up in McLean, a small community just outside Cortland, NY–very near our office! As you can see– right in the middle of farmland. Alex has the perfect coder’s resume. He went to SUNY Genseo, wher he majored in math following that up with computer science studies at Tompkins Cortland Community College. When he is not busy at work, Alex likes to relax by kayaking, reading science fiction, and enjoying the hot weather summer brings. His music of choice is classic rock. Like our other resident coder, Vivian, Alex has a cat. His is named Luna.

It is great for us Groton-based staff to have another coder in-house. we can just walk to his office and ask the dumb computer questions that non-coders ask. Vivian handles more of the web-based programming issues–she focuses on the admin side of the website (customer interface) and our web-based wet-calf feeding program, MixALot. Alex will be working with Vijay and Fred on more on our traditionally downloadable programs like .Pro, .GrowingCattle, and .FBM. Vivian does not envy Alex his job– she thinks working with someone else’s code is like cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen! We are just glad to have him!


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