may, 2020

14mayAll Day2020 The Nutritionist Bill Stone(All Day: thursday) EDT


Event Details

Dr Bill Stone, PhD, will present on 14 May 2020 for The Nutritionist with a talk that will focus on practical-on-farm tips and techniques for working in dairy nutrition.

Dr Stone  serves as the director of ruminant technical services for Diamond V. he received his DVM at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD in applied Dairy Nutrition from Cornell University. His primary areas of interest are dairy cattle nutrition and feeding management, forage management, and identification of bottlenecks on dairies.

Join us for the presentation followed by live question and answer sessions twice on May 14. The presentation will start at 9:00 am EDT and 6:00 pm EDT.

Registration required; contact Mariann to sign up.


All Day (Thursday)


AMTS, Ifina, 3rLab, NovaLab, AnSciTech, Haymingway, Dairy Innovations Italia

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