In late June part of the AMTS team went to Knoxville for the ADSA Annual meeting. While Tom and Sam spent time meeting about and delving into  deep nutritional questions, Mariann collected speakers for The Nutritionist 2019 and touched base with the balance of the 2018 speakers. She had a goal–see if the rest of the speakers (Marcia Endres, Heidi Rossow, Adam Lock,  Trevor DeVries, and Bill Weiss) would be willing to answer questions TWICE on the day of their respective webinars.


Since we began the series in 2015 the numbers of listeners have been ever increasing. Combining that with the greater global exposure to both our program and the series, we wanted to provide a more listener friendly choice for those living outside our western hemisphere. It both warmed my heart and made me slightly sad when I would see the number of people from Europe and South African who were staying up into the night listening and often asking questions of our presenters.


SO–we began with the July webinar and going forward we are happy to say all The Nutritionist Webinars will be broadcast twice; once at 9:00 am EDT and again at 6:00 pm EDT on the second Wednesday of the month. The presenters will pre-record the presentation and join live for the Question period. Everyone was quite understanding, we are hoping it will allow for fewer technical difficulties!

Be sure to tune in the second Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. The remaining speaker roster can be found here. As always, the webinars are recorded. As soon as I am able to produce the recordings, they will be found here as videos and here as podcasts.

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