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Upcoming and Archived Webinars

The two-hour sessions are held the second Wednesday of the month.  A complete recording of each seminar will later be posted here and on the 3rLab websites. Pre-registration is required. For more information and registration, contact

Our 2018 webinars are co-hosted by  Paula Turiello in Argentina, and in China by Tom Long; the primary host is Mariann Fessenden in English for AMTS. The webinar would not be possible without the generous assistance of Ajinomoto Heartland, Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionDairyLand Lab, Dairy One Forage Laboratories, R&D Life Sciences,Perdue AgriBusiness, Kemin, ABVista, Origination, Inc., NovaMeal by Novita Nutrition ,Adisseo, AminoMax, Jefo, and QLF

Chris Chase, February 14, 2018 5:00 pm EST

Nutrition and Immunology:  Understanding How to Maximize the Good and Minimize the Bad

Dr. Chris Chase, Professor, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, South Dakota State University (SDSU). His  research has been directed at understanding the initial events of viral infections to develop better methods for preventing virus infections in animals. His talk completes a unit on nutrition and immunology we began with Dr Michael Ballou last fall.


Laura Hernandez, March 14, 2018 6:00 pm EDT

Serotonin and Calcium homeostasis during the transition period

Dr. Laura L. Hernandez is an Associate Professor in the Dairy Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Her area of research has focused on how serotonin controls the mammary gland and various aspects of lactation.   She specifically focuses on the interaction of serotonin and calcium metabolism during the transition period.  Her research has determined that serotonin is an important regulator of mammary gland and maternal calcium homeostasis during lactation. Dr hernandez kicks off the transition unit of our webinars this year.


Tom Overton, April 11, 2018 6:00 pm EDT

Optimizing Liver metabolism in transition cows

Dr. Thomas Overton is a professor at Cornell University and the director of PRO-DAIRY, a NYS dairy industry initiative to help farmers be productive and profitable. Dr Overton’s research has a major emphasis is on the portion of the lactation cycle during which cows transition from late pregnancy to early lactation because it is the most critical period in terms of productive efficiency, health, reproductive performance, and overall well-being of dairy cattle. Dr Overton is the second in our series focused on transition.


Phil Cardoso. May 9, 2018 6:00 pm EDT

Transition Nutrition in relation to reproductive health

Dr Phil Cardoso, DVM, PhD, is an assistant professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he is conducting research and providing outreach programs in the area of dairy nutrition and reproduction. Dr Cardoso will address transition nutrition in relation to reproductive health in his May talk. He concludes the transition unit.


Gordie jones, June 13, 2018 6:00 pm EDT

Cow comfort, Animal behavior

Dr Gordie Jones, DVM, had 15 years in Dairy practice, 10 years in Dairy Nutrition/facility/ and cow comfort consulting. He designed and managed Fair Oaks Dairy Farms (65,000 cows) for 6 years before he built his own dairy, Central Sands Dairy. Gordie will begin the cow behavior and cow comfort mini-series unit of our webinars with his talk on cow behavior and management.


Marcia Endres, July 11, 2018 9 :00 am 6:00 pm EDT

Milking dairy cows with robots

Dr. Marcia Endres is a Professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Minnesota with an extension/research appointment. Her research interests include dairy management, welfare and behavior. She has studied how various housing and management systems can influence health, welfare and performance of dairy cattle. In recent years, Dr. Endres has also conducted research and outreach on precision dairy technologies, including robotic milking systems, automated calf feeders and individual cow behavior sensors.

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Heidi Rossow, August 8, 2018 9:00 am and  6:00 pm EDT

Manure management

Dr. Heidi Rossow is an associate professor of ruminant nutrition with UC Davis Veterinary School located at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center (VMTRC) in Tulare, California. Her areas of research are computer modeling of nutrient metabolism and systems analysis of dairy feed management and production including developing methods to evaluate cow performance and feeding consistency. Dr Rossow will present on manure management.

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Adam Lock, September 12, 2018 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EDT

Supplemental fatty acids in lactating cow diets: myth and reality

Dr. Adam Lock is an associate professor in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. Originally from a dairy farm in the southwest of the United Kingdom, Dr. Lock received his PhD from the University of Nottingham and completed a post-doc at that institution as well as at Cornell University. His research and extension programs focus on both dairy production and human nutrition and health, and the interface between these two disciplines. Current efforts concern the effect of diet on the production of biohydrogenation intermediates in the rumen, dietary strategies for maximizing milk fat synthesis, applying this knowledge to improve our ability to troubleshoot on farm issues related to milk fat depression, fatty acid absorption in the small intestine, fat supplementation opportunities, and the potential for omega-3 fatty acids to promote dairy cattle metabolism and health.

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Trevor DeVries, October 10, 2018 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EDT

Using knowledge of cow eating behavior to optimize nutritional management

Dr. Trevor DeVries is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Dairy Cattle Behavior and Welfare in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph. Trevor received his B.Sc. in Agriculture and Ph.D. from The University of British Columbia.  In beginning his academic position in 2007, Dr DeVries has lead a highly productive research program focused on dairy cattle nutrition, management, behavior, and welfare.

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Bill Weiss, November 14, 2018 9:00 am 5:00 pm EST

Mineral Recommendations

Dr Bill Weiss, PhD, professor at The Ohio State where his  main research areas are: effects of nutrition, specifically vitamins and trace minerals, on the health of dairy cows, energy metabolism of dairy cows, statistical and chemical evaluation of feedstuffs, and nutritional effects on milk composition. Dr Weiss is serving on the committee for the Dairy NRC.

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The series is a unique, multi-language presentation held in English, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Noted ruminant nutritionists present in English hosted by Mariann Fessenden of AMTS in the United States; Marcelo Hentz Ramos hosts a simultaneously translated webinar in Portuguese, Tom Long hosts in Mandarin,  and Paula Turiello hosts a Spanish language webinar.

The purpose of these webinars is to provide access to technical seminars on a range of topics delivered by internationally recognized speakers to a global audience.

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Key Points About The Nutritionist

  • The presentation is in English on Cisco’s WebEx platform, approximately 60 minutes in length. Questions follow.
  • Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese language webinars are simultaneously translated and transmitted through other platforms.
  • Questions are fielded in all four languages and The flow of the talk is not interrupted for translation.
  • The audience is global—live attendees were primarily from the Western Hemisphere but also included European, Asian and African attendees.
  • The talks are non-commercial.
  • Archived talks for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018(as they are available) in English are accessible by topic.

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