AMTS announces the release of AMTS.Cattle.Pro version 4.14.0.

Sheep and Goat model added to AMTS

The primary focus of the release is the incorporation of a small ruminant model–Sheep and Goats! This screen as many of the same features of the Cattle screen–you can create, rename, copy, reorder, and delete sheep and goat groups just as you can cattle groups. The input categories allow you to tailor the information to animal type and specific details for lactating sheep, dry sheep, growing sheep, lactating goats, dry goats, and growing goats. Every AMTS.Cattle.Pro user  has the opportunity to trial the small ruminant model for 30 days. So get out there and pick up some herds!

We have also added some new feeds to the Feed Library. You can view the complete list in the “New Things” informational pdf that will open after updating.

There are also additional outputs added to the Recipes screen. That list is also in the “”New Things” pdf.

As always, we value your feedback–contact us through support if you have any comments or questions.




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