Tremendous Response to special Goat Nutritionist webinars

We had a very good response to our two Goat Nutritionist webinars that we held in November and December. Our speaker was Dr Andreas Foskolos, an Assistant Professor in Animal Science at the University of Thessaly where he conducts research with an emphasis in Cow Breeding and a focus on Environmental Pollution Mitigation Strategies. A Greece native, he graduated from the Department of Animal Production at Technological Institute, Larisa. Afterwards, he completed his MSc studies in Animal Science,  Wageningen University. his PhD with Professor Sergio Calsamiglia at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He worked as a Post Doc Researcher at Cornell University, under Professor Michael Van Amburgh’s supervision. There, his research field focused on dairy cows’ nutrition, improving the CNCPS, while he participated on several in vivo and in vitro trials. From 2015 until 2019, he worked as a Research Fellow at Aberystwyth University, Wales, focusing on dairy cows’ precision nutrition.

This is second of two webinars focusing on dairy goats and was specifically targeted at feeding the dairy goat after the first webinar which laid out production systems and considerations. Dr Foskolos provided guidelines on feeding for production. He was joined by Dr Tom Tylutki and the two of them discussed the biology and some of the equations behind AMTS.Farm.SmallRuminants as well as recommendations.

Free Trial of AMTS.Farm.SmallRuminants

To encourage everyone feeding small ruminants to try out the program and incorporate some of what they learned in the webinars, we are offering a free trial from now until January 31 2021.  For those of you who already have AMTS.Farm.Cattle, we are turning on the Small Ruminants module. For those who have not yet trialed, we encourage you to go to our website and download AMTS.Farm.Cattle & .SmallRuminants. If you have previously trialed but did not purchase, you will need to contact us for a re-trial. You can email support.

In the webinar we discussed providing guideline and ration output templates focused on the nutrient outputs specific to goats. As we build those documents, we will contact Small Ruminant model users with those materials.

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