AMTS provides programs and support to professors and educators teaching ruminant nutrition classes and doing research. In this way more nutritionists and future nutritionists are exposed to CNCPS biology and get an opportunity to work in up-to-date, commercially available software. It helps students who might go into industry graduate with exposure and skills in formulation that will make them desirable to employers. We have educators around the globe using the program, one such program participant is Dr Ockert Einkamerer at the University of the Free State in the Republic of South Africa.

Dr Einkamerer works with ruminant nutritionist Lubbe Jacobs to present and assess the students. They focus on feed formulations and running rations. Ockert was one of the first cooperating academics in our outreach program. Using AMTS.Pro, he and Lubbe have given hundreds of students the opportunity to learn ruminant formulation using software they would encounter on graduation. Students participating in this program and going into nutrition have an advantage over their peers when they enter the workplace.

Dr. Einkamerer has sent along pictures of the students in both the Africaans and English classes. If you are an educator, teaching ruminant nutrition, interested in learning more about the Academic Initiative, contact Mariann through support.

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