As mentioned before, we have an on-going Academic Initiative. AMTS provides programs and support to professors and educators teaching nutrition classes and doing research. In this way more nutritionists and future nutritionists are exposed to CNCPS biology and get an opportunity to work in up-to-date, commercially available software. It helps students who might go into industry graduate with exposure and skills in formulation that will make them desirable to employers. We have educators around the globe using the program, one such program participant is Dr David Vagnoni from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in California. He recently sent this summary about his experience using AMTS.Cattle.Pro in the classroom.

“Dr. David Vagnoni used AMTS as an integral part of a new course offering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, “Advanced Dairy Nutrition.”  This course allows students to really engage in the practical, on-farm aspects of nutrition.  Some of the course topics included including inventory management, forage quality, bunk management, metabolic disorders, use of feed additives, and, of course, diet formulation.  Mariann did an amazing job supporting me in this new endeavor (and my skills in AMTS vastly improved as a result of her input).   The students loved the hands on-approach, the process of making decisions in putting together rations and the satisfaction of the finished product – a practical, viable dietary solution.  Having access to AMTS allowed me to give the students practice using real-world nutritional technology in their educational experience.  It was invaluable.”

Dr Vagnoni was kind to send along some pictures of the class and some cows. We enjoy working with both the teachers and the students. If you are interested in learning more about the Academic Initiative, contact Mariann through support.

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