A task of many years and long in coming, Cornell Publishing Services has made available through the Cornell Store The Detergent System for Analysis of Foods and Feeds by Peter J. Van Soest, editors: M.E. Van Amburgh, P Uden, and P Robinson. You can order your copy by following this link. http://cornell.indiebound.com/book/9781630951344


When Mike Van Amburgh informed us of the publication, I asked him to write a brief summary for the blog. Mike has worked with Pete to bring this about; we felt no person could better summarize the significance of the release. Mike responded with this:

The feed chemistry laboratory manual written in 1985 by Peter Van Soest and James Robertson for Animal Science 613 has been edited and updated and is now available for purchase from the Cornell Book Store.  The manual was an essential reference for the methods developed by Peter and Jimmy over their distinguished careers and was invaluable for helping students learn the techniques and theory necessary for successful application of the methods.    The manual has been re-edited by Peter and Mike Van Amburgh, Peter Uden and Peter Robinson and includes the methods developed by Peter.   The manual contains useful information for many aspects of fiber chemistry, sample handling, dry matter measures, filtration, reagent recovery and feeding ecology.   We are thrilled to be able to offer this reference for anyone with an interest in forage and feed chemistry.  It is a landmark publication that describes the chemistry of fiber methods in a manner that doesn’t exist anywhere else and we believe students and professionals will find it useful as both a reference and also a good tool for teaching.

Mike brought one of the first copies home a little over a month ago. I took a picture with my camera. The other pictures in this post are courtesy of Dr Mike Van Amburgh.


I will be happy to have it sit on my shelf next to Nutritional Ecology of the Ruminant, my text book from many years ago. Get yours today.

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