We are just shy of the halfway point in our year with The Nutritionist 2017. The webinars, thus far, have been very well attended and wonderfully thought provoking. Some of the speakers have presented alternative ways of looking at ruminant nutrition–this is part of why we do these. Science is never ‘cast in stone’; we benefit from challenging both old ways and new thoughts. It makes our understanding greater and the discussion always moves the process forward.


We are happy to let our listeners know that each webinar–in both the live and recorded form qualifies for one CEU credit with ARPAS. You can apply for credit at the ARPAS website .

Archived recordings can be found here by year. The recording of May 10 with Dr. Ian Lean in now available as a on-line recording, downloadable recording, or podcast.

Be certain to register for the June the talk from Sam Fessenden on integration of on farm data into the model. There is a glut of information generated through computerized animal tracking programs, feed programs, robots, etc–much of it is the same information needed to run the model. Sam will address what is being done to integrate information. The date and time is 7 June 6:00 pm EDT.

Sam FessendenTechnical Support

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