DCP01087Do You Need an Inexpensive Way to Print Federal and State Approved Feed Tags?

AMTS.Feedbank Manager is now compatible with Feed Mill Tag software (http://www.feedmilltag.com).

Feed Mill Tag software is an on-line tool, created by Medicated Feeds of Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  Medicated and non-medicated tags can be created with flexible content and formats that meet VFD and AAFCO guidelines.

AMTS.Feedbank Manager (FBM) is a software that manages the feed mill price, products and raw ingredient data. FBM can stand alone or handshake with mill programs (such as BestMix™, Brill Formulation® and Format™), analytical lab analyses, and AMTS.Cattle™.Professional.  FBM is created by AMTS LLC (https://agmodelsystems.com/products/fbm).

The field nutritionist using AMTS.Cattle.Professional create and electronically share farm specific mix formulas with mills using AMTS.Feedbank Manager.   The Mill personnel can edit (if necessary), approve and manufacture the mix formula and print the mix tag using Feed Mill Tag.

Using FBM, the Mill personnel can also send the field nutritionist price, formula and nutrient updates.  These changes automatically update the ration and farm feed library values.  This integrated process helps the nutritionist and mill personnel keep feed information accurate and up to date.

Both Feedbank Manager and Feed Mill Tag are sold by subscription and priced to appeal to mills of all sizes.  For information about AMTS.Feedbank Manager, contact Caroline@agmodelsystems.com, 607 423 9058.  For information about Feed Mill Tag, contact Call Rich Larson at Rich@cudbud.onmicrosoft.com, 952-873-9338.

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