AMTS.Cattle.Pro is a windows based program that must be run on a virtual PC for our Mac users. Tom and Lynn both run the program on Macs.

Tom recently updated to  VMWare Fusion released v10 and experienced an issue with his license. Parallels released a new version too but he does not know if it will do the same thing.

Upon upgrading Fusion and starting Pro, he received a message saying his license fingerprint didn’t match. He  had to deactivate the existing license on his computer and reactivate the license. This is all accomplished through the dashboard. If you have forgotten your password or do not have an account, you will need to reset or create your account first. You will be walked through that process by the website. After you are in your Account Dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Open Account Dashboard and select the appropriate license.
  2. In the screen specific to that license, first copy the license code, note the email associated with the license, and Deactivate the Licensedeactivae
  3. Open the program, you should receive a message stating you do not have a valid
  4. Click the button that says OK
  5. Another box should open giving you the opportunity to input the license key and email address associated with your license on that computer.activate
  6. Input that information, click activate–you should be good to go!


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