I am a huge proponent of using the internet as a resource for figuring out how to do things in programs. There are countless articles and videos explaining document editing, spreadsheet building, even how to post how-tos on the internet. With a program as specific and targeted as AMTS.Pro, there are no help articles unless we generate them. We are launching a series of videos that will help users with basic program navigation, application of more advanced features, creating and using templates, and more in depth use. The videos will be short and have the ability to be subtitled. To do so, you must request the subtitle file, translate, and send the file back to Mariann.

This video covers the basic file structure, program location, and file sharing abilities of AMTS.Cattle.Pro. You can watch it on-line or go to the AMTS Vimeo page to download. In addition to the latest video, you will find previously created videos on setting up the optimizer, using the advanced optimizer, the snapshot feature, and others. Subscribe to the page to get notice when a new tutorial is available. New videos going up will be able to be subtitled. As possible, the subtitle feature will be added to the older videos.

Check back for more videos. The video manual creation can, in part, be driven by your requests. If you have a specific program feature you would like to have explained in this format, contact Mariann through support@agmodelsystems.com.

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